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At Baby Sleep Right, I know that teaching your baby or toddler to sleep through the night, all night, isn't always as simple as it seems.  Chances are, if your baby isn't sleeping well during the night, nap times are a nightmare too!  Most people come looking to me for help because they have been unsuccessful on their own, and they need direction.  I understand the impact sleep deprivation is having on your entire family and I am dedicated to providing you with the educational and emotional support that you need to teach healthy sleep habits to your children, and get them to be FANTASTIC sleepers.  There is no one solution that fits every family, so I work with you and your parenting style to formulate a sleep plan that works.



  • Transitioning to Fewer Naps
  • Curtain Calls & Bedtime Battles
  • Transitioning from Crib to Big Kid Bed
  • Night Feeding and/or Weaning
  • Build Your Child's Confidence to Sleep Alone

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