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"Luanne gave my husband and I the skills, reassurance and confidence we needed to start sleep training. Her approach was amazing in helping us getting our little one to sleep though the night. "
K. K., Eastern Shore, NS

"As a mom to a 10 month old with another baby on the way, I was desperate to transition my son from being rocked to sleep to learning to self soothe in a gentle manner.  With Luanne's guidance and support, our son went from taking 2 hours to fall asleep rocking  to and falling asleep within minutes in his own bed and actually sleeping through the night!  Three months later, he's still sleeping and napping great!  He's a happy boy and we now have time together as a couple in the evenings and are getting a full night of interrupted sleep.  Today we are less than a month away from baby #2 and ALMOST ready for more sleepless nights."
J.H., Fort McMurray, AB

"I was at my wits end, beyond exhausted, sleeping a maximum of 2 hours straight nightly. My son slept in bed with us until 10 months. He now sleeps solid - and is getting the rest he needs for his growing mind and body, allowing me to get my rest too! He is a different child! She is kinda like my superhero! Thank you Luanne, you brought our family happiness with SLEEP!"

B.J., Timberlea, NS

"Our plan was clear and detailed.  Our twins were easily able to get themselves to sleep by the end of the week while sharing a room and the only thing I would have done differently was call Luanne sooner!

J.C., Halifax, NS

"I just had to write and tell you how much better our life is since sleep training our daughter.  It is 8pm on a Friday night, our daughter went to bed at 6pm and since then I have cleaned up supper dishes, got groceries, put them away, did laundry and also put it away... all of which would usually take a couple days to do!  Now I am relaxing and having a adult beverage!  I cannot believe I just wrote that!"

J.M., Halifax, NS

"A big thank you for all of your advice and direction in regards to sleep training. With your help, we were able to establish routines that taught my daughter to fall asleep on her own and enabled her to be well rested by the time she was 3 months old. At 6 months she can easily sleep through the night for 12 hrs! Thanks so much!!"
K. S., Halifax, NS

"This has been the best thing for our family. With two energetic non-napping boys, we all needed to find a better sleep solution to multiple night wakenings. Our sleep plan catered to each boy's age and personality and allowed me to handle it by myself, as my husband wasn't home due to work. We started seeing results 2 weeks in and I am so glad we found Luanne to help us! If we have another one we will definitely be seeking early advice instead of going over 3 years without one night of sleeping all night. She was extremely supportive and helpful throughout the whole process, so thank you!"
A. M, Truro, NS

"Luanne's guidance literally changed my life. I was frustrated with a baby who had no ability to fall asleep on her own. She had to be held for every nap, and rocked to sleep with a soother – only to wake and have to start the whole process again, multiple times a night. Now I have a baby who sleeps in her crib, is laid down awake, soother-free, snuggling her blanket, sleeping at least 11 hrs and waking with a huge smile on her face. Naps have gone from essentially non-existent to structured and restorative and because of this my baby is happy, alert and ready to play and learn while she is awake.  I highly recommend Luanne! Don’t wait – the earlier you can get help from her the sooner you and baby will both start to LOVE bedtime instead of dreading it!”
J.G., Halifax, NS

"You can not imagine how much I appreciate everything you did for us! I don't know what I would have done if I didn't have you helping me! Our little boy is a totally different child! He rarely cries during the day and when putting him to bed we stick him in his crib and walk away. If he isn't quite ready to fall asleep, he will play in there until he is. I can't thank you enough for your help!"
C. L., Halifax, NS